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Public Notice: The Reissuance or Postpermit Modification of a Municipal Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill Permit

The  Iowa  Department  of  Natural  Resources has  received  a  postpermit modification  request  from  the  Cedar  Rapids Linn  County  Solid Waste  Agency for the Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid Waste Agency Sanitary Landfill, a municipal  solid  waste  sanitary  landfill  originally  permitted  by  the  Department  in  1972, located 1954 County Home Road, Marion. The facility is classified as a municipal  solid waste  sanitary landfill authorized  to accept municipal solid  waste  from  households  and  businesses  from  the  following  service  area:  All  cities  and unincorporated areas of Linn County.  

The  Department  has  received  a  postpermit  modification  request  from  the  Agency to authorize  construction  of  the  Phase  5A  cell expansion and  partial  closure  construction  of  the 13‐Acre  Cell and  Phase  1. The  Phase  5A  cell is a  horizontal expansion  of approximately  10.3 acres  on  the  south  side  of  Phases  3  and  4. The  Phase  5A  cell  will  utilize  a  composite  liner consisting  of  an  HDPE  membrane  over  4  feet  of  compacted  clay. The  partial  closure construction of the 13‐Acre Cell and Phase 1 is approxiamately 13.5 acres. The Composite Cap System will consist of a recompacted clay liner, LLDPE geomembrane liner, erosion layer, and vegetative layer. 

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