The Solid Waste Agency landfill and Resource Recovery building, 1954 County Home Road, Marion, is open Saturdays to Linn County residents by appointment and prepay only from 7:00am – to 12:00pm. Commercial account holders may also use the landfill Saturdays. Businesses without a commercial account will be turned away. Commercial accounts can be setup by calling 319-377-5290.

Appointments can be scheduled online HERE

The appointment system on Saturdays is to ensure residents that are unable to visit Monday – Friday can schedule a time to drop-off garbage and recycling, particularly rural residents who do not have curbside services.

Those without appointments or accounts will be turned away.

In the past, Saturdays have presented safety issues due to the number of customers coming to the landfill and Resource Recovery building. Traffic has backed up out onto the roads leading to the Solid Waste Agency, a violation of the Agency’s operating permit. There has also been dangerous traffic congestion in the residential dumpster area with vehicles waiting for open spots at dumpsters and recycling customers entering and exiting the Resource Recovery building. Overcrowding at the residential dumpsters and inside the Resource Recovery building also poses an increased threat of COVID-19 to customers and staff who work at both areas.

Saturday appointments will allow for a steady flow of customers throughout the day, preventing traffic buildup and congestion, and will allow customers to practice social distancing at the residential dumpsters and inside the Resource Recovery building.

Residents are asked to schedule a Saturday appointment only if they do not have other options. The Solid Waste Agency is open Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 4:00pm, no appointment necessary. Come weekdays if possible. Residents are encouraged to use their curbside services too. It can be cheaper to purchase an extra garbage sticker, up to five extra in fact, than to pay the minimum fee to drop-off garbage at the landfill directly. Using curbside services will also save on gas and save time by avoiding the long drive to the landfill.