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Solid Waste Agency Tipping Fee & Rate Changes

The Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid Waste Agency’s new budget year will begin July 01, 2022. 
Here are the tipping fees and rates that are changing on July 1st: 
•    Landfill tipping fee will increase to $42.00 per ton; minimum disposal fees for cars/SUVS/minivans will remain at $10.00 per load; pickups/full-size vans will remain at $20.00 per load

•    Special waste materials are increasing by $2/ton (fee varies by material)
•    Yard waste tipping fee will increase to $26.00 per ton; minimum fee for yard waste loads will be $7.00 per load
•    White goods (appliances) disposal fee will increase to $10.00 per unit

•    Business hazardous materials are increasing by 15% (every hazardous material has a different rate)

Again, these changes are effective July 01, 2022.

The fees for tires, electronics, and commercial recycling will remain at their current rates for FY23 (July 01, 2022 – June 30, 2023).