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    Resource recovery, environmentalism & sustainability

    At the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency, we know a lot about what people throw away. In fact, during the past 15 years, we've conducted four waste studies so we know exactly what is in your garbage. As a result, we've implemented many programs to divert material to more productive uses.

    We understand how landfills interact with the environment; it's our responsibility.  Through permitting and inspections, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources recognizes our professional stewardship. In additon, the Iowa chapter of the Solid Waste Organization of North America and the Iowa Recycling Association have acknowledged our management efforts with awards and honors.

    For us, resource recovery, environmentalism and sustainability aren't just "buzz words." We act on these concepts. Here's how:

    • We implement programs designed to recover resources and protect the environment. Among items once trashed and now recycled--cardboard, televisions/computer monitors, and asphalt shingles.
    • We are among a small group of solid waste organizations selected to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS), a program initiated by the Iowa legislature in 2009.  Now, we are a certified EMS agency.
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    • Each year, we spend more than $100,000 diverting chemicals, batteries, medical sharps and other hazardous materials from landfilling. The cost is hidden from you because these drop-off programs are offered "free" to Linn County residents.
    • We employ a full-time Education Director to teach residents and students about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Our Education Director is an Iowa licensed teacher with nearly a decade of Iowa classroom experience.
    • At our sites, we promote energy conservation through our "no idling" policy and upgrades to facility lighting and heating equipment.  We support alternative energy with the Agency's landfill-to-gas energy system that converts landfill gases,such as methane, into electricity used to power Linn County homes.
    • Our administrators drive a hybrid vehicle that saves on fuel costs and reduces fossil-fuel emissions, which affect the quality of our air.
    • We operate a state-of-the-art Resource Recovery facility to help residential and commercial recycling efforts at our County Home Road facility.
    • The Solid Waste Agency also promotes environmentalism through safety and its association with the Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations (ISOSWO). Learn more about the safety measures taken at solid waste management facilities HERE.

    Learn more about our environmental studies and initiatives.