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Business special waste

If your Linn County business or facility produces waste that requires additional handling, that waste is referred to as "special waste." In Iowa, this special waste can include non hazardous industrial process waste, large or bulky waste, and asbestos. 

You must have prior approval from the Solid Waste Agency before disposing of special waste. Our experienced and well-trained professionals will assist you in processing your special waste request. Email the Solid Waste Agency at to learn more.  For a copy of our "Waste Profile Form", click HERE.

There is a one ton minimum charge for special waste; $48.00 per ton. As we are charged with serving Linn County residents, the Agency only accepts out-of-county waste on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of Agency management. For more information, please call our office: 319-377-5290.

What is "special waste"?

In general, special wastes fall into several categories:

Commercial/industrial process waste - Any non-hazardous liquid, solid, semisolid, or gaseous waste generated when manufacturing a product or performing a service. Examples include cutting oils, paint sludges, equipment cleanings, metallic dust sweepings, used solvents from parts cleaners, and off-specification, contaminated, or recalled wholesale or retail products. Commercial and industrial waste must be non-hazardous, may NOT contain "free" liquids, and the waste must be containerized if it can become airborne. The Solid Waste Agency follows State of Iowa special waste handling requirements.

Pollution control waste - Generated when businesses remove contaminants from air, soil, or water.  Examples include baghouse dust, landfill waste, scrubber sludge, and chemical spill cleaning material.

Other special waste - Wastes that need special handling, such as animal carcasses, drums, pressurized containers, utility poles, and fluorescent lights.

If you have questions about a specific material or item, call 319-377-5290 and ask to speak with the Environmental Health & Safety Manager or email about a special waste disposal question.