Compost & Yard Waste

Compost & Yard Waste

Compost is available at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Yard waste and food waste is accepted at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Small residential loads of yard waste may also be dropped off at 1954 County Home Road, Marion, Iowa.


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Cost & Location

  • $24.00 per ton to drop-off yard waste; $5.00 minimum
  • $24.00 per ton for compost
  • $40.00 per ton for wood chips
  • Available only at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Residents of Linn County may take compost for no charge
Visits to the Solid Waste Agency begin at the Scale House

Wood Chips

Wood chips are not colored or processed beyond shredding.

Wood chips are useful to retain moisture in flower and garden beds.  They also suppress the growth of unwanted weeds when applied over the topsoil.

Food Waste

Food waste should be composted first and kept out of the regular trash and garbage disposal.  Composting food waste conserves water versus using the garbage disposal. Old produce and vegetables can be composted at home or with the Agency. Find out all the details in the Food Waste page.