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The Agency accepts garbage, including furniture, from Linn County residents and businesses at 1954 County Home Road, Marion. Yard Waste is NOT accepted at this location.

Solid Waste Agency staff are not authorized to unload any materials from customer vehicles or trailers. Customers are responsible for unloading items from their vehicles or trailers.


Cover Your Load

All loads must be covered and secured or will be fined.

Residential vehicles can unload garbage at the convenience area. Commercial loads and municipal garbage trucks will be directed to the landfill.

All customers are required to follow staff instructions while on-site. Staff may not always be immediately available and are prohibited from using agency equipment to unload vehicles.

The Agency does not enforce outside of its gates. When you see litter happening on the roadways, follow these guidelines to report the vehicle:
• Call 1-888-NOLITTR (1-888-665-4887). Press 1 to make a report.
• Provide as much detail about the incident as possible, including the vehicle’s license plate number, time and location litter was thrown from the vehicle, description of what was thrown and a vehicle description.
Reported offenders will receive a warning letter from the Iowa State Patrol.

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