Recycling is an important part of protecting our environment and conserving natural resources. It also helps divert waste from the landfill and recover precious resources for reuse.

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Household Recyclables

Residents can drop off curbside-type recyclable items for free

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We accept electronics only at our Marion location - fees apply

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Appliances are recycled for $9.00 per appliance

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Tires & Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is recycled for free and tires are recycled for a fee

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Batteries & Bulbs

Residents may recycle lithium, rechargeable and lead-acid batteries, including vehicle batteries

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Sharps & Syringes

Medical sharps are accepted from residents at the County Home Road facility

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Clothing & Other

Used clothing and textiles disposal options at our County Home Road facility

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Where & When

Find out which Solid Waste Agency location you need and when it is open

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Recycling at the Solid Waste Agency

When you drive up to the Scale House at our 1954 County Home Road, Marion, Iowa location, you will be asked what your load contains. You will then be directed to drive to one or more of our outdoor recycling areas. Large, bulky items are generally managed outside, and smaller recyclables, including electronics, batteries and hazardous materials, are collected inside the Resource Recovery Building. The scale can direct you to the correct area.  

Please be aware that fees paid for landfill disposal subsidize the cost of recycling for many items. We do our best to keep prices and rates low but, generally, recycling isn’t free.

Recycling drop-off is quick and easy inside the Resource Recovery Building
Map showing key points of use at 1954 County Home Road, including scale house, Resource Recovery building and residential unloading area