Education & Tours

Education & Tours

Each year thousands of visitors experience the landfill and Resource Recovery building first hand. Thousands more participate in classroom and group presentations and events.

Tours & Programming

At 1954 County Home Road,  Marion, Iowa visitors learn about landfilling and resource recovery.  At 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa visitors learn about composting and Mount Trashmore. 

Additional Tour Topics Include:

  • Landfill gas to energy
  • Monarch rearing
  • Wetlands, bioswales and raingardens 
  • Household hazardous materials
  • Vermiculture
  • Sustainability

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Tours at 1954 County Home Road, Marion, Iowa

Landfill and resource recovery tours take visitors along the path of waste from production to disposal.  Overlooking the landfill, visitors observe the equipment used in the landfilling process and discuss landfill lifespan, engineering, and types and amounts of material discarded in the landfill.

Environmental Education Tours

In the nearly 50,000 ft2 Resource Recovery building, visitors will gain an understanding of what resource recovery means.  Visitors view and discuss household hazardous waste disposal, electronics recovery, household recyclables, and commodity markets.  Metal, tire, and appliance recycling is also explored along with landfill gas-to-energy and its environmental benefits.

Visit the Garbage DisposalRecycling, and Hazardous Materials pages for more information.

Tours at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Compost tours give visitors an inside look at the process of turning yard and food waste into compost. Visitors have the chance to observe the feed stock, mixture ratios, temperature monitoring, curing and screening processes.  The result is dark, rich compost available for soil amendment, gardening, and erosion control.  Visitors also have the opportunity to view the landscape from the top of Mount Trashmore during their visit!

Learn more about our composting facility by visiting the Compost & Yard Waste page.

Programming & Presentations

We come to you with a custom-built presentation focused on waste management, resource recovery, and environmental education!  Programs are available for small or large groups and for pre-k through college students, community groups, and club meetings.  Programs are directed by an Iowa licensed teacher with over a decade of classroom experience.

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Summer Reading Program 2021

Our friends at the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) are putting on new virtual reading program each Thursday in July. All the programs will be available indefinitely and feature fun books about sustainability, composting, and the environment.

Check out this link to learn more!