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What to Do

Yard waste, tree debris, and food waste is accepted only at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids.

What to Do

Things to Know

Yard waste, tree debris, food waste, and other organic waste is only accepted at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids. Compost and wood chips are available only at the A Street location. Always stop at the scale first.

Solid Waste Agency staff are not authorized to unload any materials from customer vehicles or trailers. Customers are responsible for unloading items from their vehicles or trailers.

Before Leaving Home

Make sure your load is tied down and secured. Unsecured loads will be fined;

  • $20.00 for unsecured residential loads
  • $50.00 for unsecured business loads

2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids is open 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 12:00pm Saturday.


1954 County Home Road, Marion, Iowa

Effective April 01, 2024, this location will not accept yard waste or tree debris, including small residential loads of grass and leaves. All yard waste, tree debris, and organic waste needs to be taken to 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids.

2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This location can accept all yard waste and tree debris loads* from both residential and business customers.

*The Solid Waste Agency compost location can no longer accept large loads of trees, tree debris, and stumps/root balls. This applies to large loads of trees brought in by semi-trailers, side dump trailers, dump trucks, and other large scale equipment used in land clearing work. The Agency does not have enough space for these types of loads and cannot work them into windrows for composting.

Yard Waste

Always stop at the scale house first. Tell the gate attendant what you have to drop off. Your vehicle will be weighed and you will be directed where to unload.

After unloading, return to the scale and weigh out. You will be charged based on the difference in weights.

The scale at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a bi-directional, single lane scale.  Traffic must alternate between inbound and outbound.

Compost or Wood Chips

Always stop at the scale house first. Tell the gate attendant how much and which material you want to purchase. The attendant will direct you to a loading area where Agency staff will load pickup trucks and trailers. Residents may also bring their own buckets and shovel to take smaller amounts of compost and wood chips from the self-loading area.

While on-site, always be on the lookout for other vehicles and equipment in use. Do not use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. Drive slow, drive carefully, and stay safe!