Clothing & Other

Clothing & Other

Clothing and textiles are accepted only at 1954 County Home Road, Marion, Iowa.  No scavenging is allowed.

What Happens Next

Items are sorted by Goodwill and usable items will be sold.  Items not sold at Goodwill will be sent to textile recycling facilities for recycling.

Some recovered textiles become wiping and polishing cloths. Cotton can be made into rags or form a component for new high-quality paper. Knitted or woven woolens and similar materials are "pulled" into a fibrous state for reuse by the textile industry in low-grade applications, such as car insulation or seat stuffing.

Other types of fabric can be reprocessed into fibers for upholstery, insulation, and even building materials. Buttons and zippers are stripped off for reuse. Very little is left over at the end of the recycling process. The remaining natural materials, such as various grades of cotton, can be composted.

Other Options

There are lots of options when it comes to recycling unwanted clothing, linens and other textiles. You can donate them to a charitable organization, sell them to a resale shop, or sell them online.