Mount Trashmore

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Trails Are


Trails Are


Trails Are

Partially Open

Trail Access Hours:

Site closed for season- will reopen in spring when weather permits.

Please remember that access will be limited to posted hours. This is a regulated & permitted landfill and safety is our number one priority.

Weather and trail conditions will determine access.


2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids

What You Need to Know

Site is closed for the season - will reopen in the spring when weather permits. 

Mount Trashmore is a former landfill with 6 million tons of garbage. The former landfill is being transitioned into a recreational site. As it looks like a park and has park like features, it is still a landfill. At the top of Mount Trashmore you will find the best view in Linn County! Come see for yourself! If you like to mountain bike, bring out your mountain bike and ride our unique gravity fed flow trail! It's something you won't want to miss!

All users must check in before using the site. Find more information below. 

Check-In at Recreation BuildingMount-Trashmore-Trails-Check-In.jpg

All users are required to check in before using the site, you will find check-in kiosks inside of the recreation  building. Trail users can bike or walk in from the Cedar Valley Nature Trail or use parking lot adjacent to  the recreation building.

Inside the building you will find: check-in kiosks, restrooms, hydration station, bike fix-it stations, gathering space, picnic tables, benches, & trail staff.

Per current CDC guidelines, while in the recreation building, visitors who have not had the COVID-19 vaccine should wear a mask and maintain 6ft of distance from other users. Those who have had the vaccine do not need to wear a mask. 

Trashmore Kiosk.jpg

Mt. Trashmore Challenge 

Visitors will have the chance to take part in the Mount Trashmore Challenge.   Information about the Challenge can be found here:  Mount Trashmore Challenge  


Mount Trashmore Rules and Responsibilities

Mount Trashmore Trails are built on a closed and capped landfill. The area is not a public park, but continues to be a regulated and permitted site. Our goal is to provide access to a great view, but with safety as our first priority.
  • Stay on trails! Off-trail use is prohibited. 
  • All trail users (bikers & walkers)  MUST CHECK-IN at kiosks in recreation building. 
  • Bike helmet use is strongly recommended!
  • There are stairs on the Stumptown Trail;  strollers can only be used on the Overlook Trail.
  • When the building is closed, the trails are closed. 
  • Use trails at your own risk. Agency is not responsible for injury or damaged equipment.
Overlook of Mount Trashmore
  • No driving to the top of Mount Trashmore (Visitors with a handicap placard are allowed to drive to the top, stop at recreation building for staff assistance)
  • No smoking & no alcohol.
  • Due to time constraints, walkers will need to be on trails 30 minutes before closing time. 
  • 2 inch or wider tires are recommended for Trashmore Trail.  Mountain bikes or fat tire bikes are recommended

Watch for truck traffic! Trails are adjacent to an operational compost facility with a shared entrance and roads.

Trails at Mount Trashmore

Stumptown trail is for walking and runTrashmore Trailning only. This trail is 5,000ft (appx. 1 mile). No bikes or strollers. This is the longest trail at Mount Trashmore. You will encounter board walks and stairs. Caution: steep grade in sections of trails. Hiking-the-Trails.jpg






Trashmore TrailTrashmore Trail is a downhill bike trail only. No walkers/runners allowed. This trail is a gravity-fed flow trail with mountain biking features and should be ridden carefully. Two inch or wider tires are recommended. Biking-the-Trails-at-Mount-Trashmore.jpg 

Overlook Trail is a multi-use trail that includes bikers and walkers. Overlook of Mount TrashmoreThis trail is 3,400ft (appx. 5/8 mile) and is the shortest way to the top of Mount Trashmore. You may encounter vehicles who are accessing the ADA parking spot at the overlook.  






Trashmore Trail Map

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Trails & Overlook Recreation Coordinator

Zac Hornung is the Recreation Coordinator for the Mount Trashmore trails and overlook. Zac coordinates public access to the trails and overlook, manages the trail system, scenic overlook activities, and promotes the unique site throughout the community. Zac is the contact for tours and event requests at the Mount Trashmore trails and overlook. Interested in volunteering with the trails or working at Mount Trashmore? Give him a call at 319-377-5290 ext. 123 or send him an email.