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Solid Waste Agency Tipping Fee & Rate Changes for FY'24

The Solid Waste Agency’s new fiscal year will begin July 01, 2023.  There are increases to the garbage and yard waste tipping fees. Here is a break down of changes:

Rates and programs in FY'24 that will change include: 

Standard Landfill Tipping Fee
$45.00/ton (increase of $3/ton) – Minimum $22

Flat Rate charges for Cars/Minivans & SUVs/Pickup Trucks
Cars $12/vehicle (increase of $2/per load)
SUVs & Minivans $15/vehicle (new category) 
Pickup Trucks & Full-sized Vans $22/vehicle (increase of $2/per load)

Special Wastes
Various rates depending on the material (increase of $3/ton) – Minimum 1 Ton charge

Yard Waste & Brush
$28.00 per ton (increase of $2/ton) – Minimum $10
(The Solid Waste Agency can no longer accept large loads of trees. This applies to large loads brought in by semi-trailers, side dump trailers, dump trucks, and other large scale equipment used in land clearing work. The Agency does not have enough space for these types of loads at either Agency location)

Commercial Finished Compost
$28.00 per ton (increase of $2/ton)

Commercial Recycling
$90.00/ton (increase of $5/ton)

Business Fluorescent Tubes
$1.23 per bulb (up from $1.15 per bulb)

Bulky Waste (bulky waste are materials that require extra processing and handling in the landfill):

Cost of Disposal:               $75.00 per ton

Cut-off Time:                     2:00pm Monday – Friday
                                          Bulky items not accepted Saturday

List of materials that are Bulky Items:

Mattresses - loads with 8 or more (for example: a load with four mattresses and four box springs would qualify as a bulky load)
Telephone Poles – any amount
Railroad ties – 8 or more is a bulky load 
Boats (metal removed, off trailer; trailer can be left in scrap metal pile if unwanted)
Campers (appliances removed)
Stumps – greater than 12” across (diameter); stumps smaller than 12” should go to compost location
Root Balls – all root balls are garbage to be landfilled

List of Materials that are Bulky Items when brought in a Bulk Load (roll-off, dump truck, side dump, dump trailer, tractor trailer):

Conveyer belts 
Wire Cable Spool & Tanks
Plastic Culverts
Fencing with debris
Bales – plastic, paper, textiles, etc.

Large Animal Carcasses:        $75.00 per carcass (for large animals that require a hole dug, such as horses, cows, llamas, etc.)

Again, the new fees will begin Saturday, July 01, 2023.